one tree hill meme: [2/5] relationships → brooke & julian
that girl has been nearly impossible to find, but worth every second of the wait.

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Write me a TBH (To be Honest), stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me. Start the sentence off with “Tbh”.

I love girls… especially ones with strawberry-blonde hair, green eyes, five-foot-three…  

          Like   Lydia?  


When you told me you loved me, you had me fooled… for a second.

TVD meme[6/9] Relationships
∟ “The day that the lawyers called to tell me that I was going to become your guardian, you know what my first thought was? Isn’t there someone else who can do this? Jenna, there was no one else who could have gotten me and Jeremy through all of that. It’s just the thought that I almost passed up taking care of you. But you didn’t. You put your entire life on hold to help us.”